Monday, September 17, 2007

Stuff I read and stuff I thought

An idea I've always had about having a blog was to post my responses to stuff I saw or read. Either online or not. Of course, with so many online media being in the form of blogs, it's usually easy for me to respond directly. But, sometimes, I just don't wanna. Usually because my response is fairly grumpy and there's no real reason to whine to the person who wrote whatever I'm whining about.

So, today I'm going to start doing that here. I think. I think I may have declared in the past that I would do that. I'm too lazy to actually check and see if I did or not.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Which Punctuation Mark Are You Test

Take the Test yourself

Your Score: ellipsis

You scored 38% Sociability and 64% Sophistication!

Your life can be difficult because of your insecurities, but you should know that it isn't your fault. YOU didn't ask to be thrown in around thirty times per page in every bodice-ripper on the shelf! Those who overuse you can kiss your . . . you know. You need to learn to hold your head high and glory in your solitude. You really do have excellent, scholarly tastes. You must never forget that your friend, the period, will be there to support you at the end of every sentence where you truly belong, and, if what is left out is as important as what is said, why, then you are as vital as the alphabet!

Link: The Which Punctuation Mark Are You Test written by Gazda on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test


Chronically Sleep Deprived? You Can't Make Up For Lost Sleep

Sleep is good. Sleep is important.

I place a LOT of importance on getting enough sleep. I think some people think I'm a bit nuts about it. Ha! See? I was right. This article talks about all kinds of bad things that happen if you (chronically) don't get enough sleep.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Choose Your Own Adventure Books are BACK!

Woo-Hoo!!!! I guess it's only been a few years that these books have been out of print, but it just happened that those were the same years that I was shopping for kids' books again. The last time I was a big kids' books shopper was when *I* was a kid.

Damn, those books were SO cool! I loved them. Not quite as much as Encyclopedia Brown, but almost.

I assume they'll have a booth at ALA. Sure, the year I'm not going!

Check out for more info. There's an interview with R.A. Montgomery and info about secret online endings for the books.


Friday, March 02, 2007

Kleine-Levin Syndrome and Antidepressant Withdrawal

I like reading about weird medical stuff. Rare diseases.

I just read an article about Kleine-Levin Syndrome. No, I'm not gettin all hypochondriac like and thinking I have it... but it sounds SO much like what happens to me if I stop taking my Effexor, an antidepressant. There's a horrible withdrawal if I miss even a day. There's even a name for it -- Antidepressant Discontinuation Syndrome.

From an article on eMedicine: Characteristic symptoms include hypersomnia (100%), cognitive changes (96%, including a specific feeling of derealization), eating disturbances (80%), hypersexuality (43%), compulsions (29%), and depressed mood (48%).

Yeah, that's a pretty good description of what it feels like to go through Effexor withdrawal. For me anyway. The only thing it's missing is the "electric shocks" feeling. (A common symptom when people stop taking an antidepressant is these weird feelings like an an electric shock going through your body or head.)

Just interesting.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Average for Librarian Salaries in Illinois

This is from the Salary search feature on a fairly cool job search site, IMO.

Average librarian salaries for job postings in Illinois are 13% higher than average librarian salaries for job postings nationwide.

Just thought it was interesting.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Bad BAD customer service, oops OWNER!

I hate bad customer service. Really really really. Just as much as a LOVE good customer service. And I fully believe that if a company sucks, word of mouth is just revenge.

Please do NOT shop at if you feel the same way. If you don't, than just ignore this. :-)

The president/owner/sole customer service rep, Shaun Larson was ridiculously rude to a customer. This is all documented because he only deals with customers via email. Read the full story at WeddingDepot's Nonresponsive, Passive Aggressive, Customer Service

Ugh. Just makes my blood boil. I have no idea why. I know it's a silly waste of energy. This had nothing to do with me personally. I just don't like super-rude people in general.

I know that my blog has a close to zero readership, so it's unlikely this will cause to lose even one customer. Eh. Just makes me feel better by trying to spread the word.

Oh, and just in case someone DOES try searching, Shaun J. Larson's other business is wedding photography, Image One.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

things that make me laugh

Ok, I realize that at times my sense of humor is, well, bizarre. I *really* got a kick out of celebrating my 100,000th birthday, for example. (32 decimal = 100000 binary).

This page of math jokes totally made me LOL at my desk, gaining fairly odd looks from others, since I rarely do that...

This is the one that made me guffaw: